Homework Policy

As parents, we understand busy schedules and value your time.  We also would like our students to learn the skill of time management. While most of the homework will be the same from week to week, sometimes there will be an addition to the homework or we may decide not to give homework for the week. To stay informed about homework, please keep an eye on our website or feel free to contact us.

For Math homework, students should spend one hour per week on either Khan Academy or IXL to practice their math skills. If they choose to do Khan Academy, Mrs. Basile will have assignments aligned with what they need to practice. If they choose to work on IXL, they should be working on appropriate level skills for their development level. Mrs. Basile will check every Monday to see their time logged in the last week. If internet or computers are or become an issue please communicate with Mrs. Basile and we will come up with an alternative.

Link to math homework skills

Reading Homework

As of right now students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night. Starting September 28th, students will be given their Fantasy Books for book club. This is all outlined in the "Fantasy Book Club" tab under "Homework".

Spelling Homework and Tests

Please check the "Spelling List" tab under "Homework".