Spelling week 21 due 2/8 - Spelling week 22 due 2/22

Roald Dahl Slides project due 2/6

Borgel test due 2/1 in Classroom

Look on the math google classroom to find the assignments for the rest of the year.

1/25 Spelling week 20 will be 2/1

1/3 - Spelling Week 18 due 1/11.  Spelling week 19 due 1/18

1/3 - No IXL for Language Arts due to program cancellation.  There will be classroom activites until such time I can find an adequate replacement.

12/1 - The 13 Colonies test will be Friday, December 9th.  

11/28 LA IXL P1 & P2 & P3  due 12/8.  Spelling is still the 13 colonies - test at later date 

11/9 - LA IXL J3 & J4 and Spelling week 10 is due 11/16

11/1 - LA IXL J1 & J2 and Spelling week 9 is due 11/9

10/28 This is the math homework is the same for the rest of the year.  They are to do Sumdog for 20 minutes each day.  If they want to log in 140 minutes in one day they are welcome to do that.  I will not post it every week.

10/25 - On Monday (11/1) the entire Jamestown Tool PBL project will be due in its final form. 

Requirements for Tri-Fold:
1) Attractive Title = Name of Tool 
2) Final (revised) draft of persuasive paragraph 
3) Final draft of technical drawing
4) Pictures/Illustrations w/ instructions of how tool works
5) Additional relevant illustrations/decorations 
This is to be an attractive and neat presentation tri-fold.

10/21 - Prototype of Jamestown tool due 10/26 

10/21 LA IXL I1 and I2 will be due 11/2 Spelling week 8 will also be due on the 2nd.  

!0/17 - Reminder -  Final Draft of PBL proposal due in Google Classrom by Tuesday 10/18

10/13. IXL fifth grade math each to 85%  M3, M12 Due 10/21 https://www.ixl.com/signin/stem

10/12 -  LA IXL H1 and H2 to 85% and spelling week 7 are due Wednesday, 10/19. 

10/7 IXL fifth grade math each to 85% L2, L3, L4 Due 10/14  https://www.ixl.com/signin/stem

10/5 - Submit final draft of summary (in Mr H's Google Classroom) of at least 3 challenges faced by the Jamestown Colonists. Due by Thursday 10/6   

10/5 - LA IXL G1 and G2 to 85% - Spelling will be a cumulative assessement of the first 6 weeks of words.  It will count as a test and be recorded in grades.  Study the prior weeks' patterns!  It will be a 10 word test  with the words taken from each of the lists. Due 10/12.

9/30  IXL fifth grade math each to 85% K1,K7, K5 Due 10/7 https://www.ixl.com/signin/stem

9/29 Finish entering chip challenge into google classroom.  due Monday 10/3

9/27 - LA IXL E3 and E4 to 85% and spelling week 6 are due Wednesday, 10/5.

9/23 IXL fifth grade math each to 85% A6, C2, DD1 Due 9/30


9/21 - LA IXL F1 and F2 to 85% and spelling week 5 are due Wednesday, 9/28.

9/20 - Final drafts of Colonial Flags are due Thursday, 9/22.

9/16 IXL fifth grade math each to 85% D5, D6, D2 due 9/23



Chip challenge


Objective: To mail or bring in a Pringle packaged to Mrs. Schankweiler.  It must arrive unbroken.  You can NOT use a box or pre-bought container.  You need to send it through the regular mail and you can not write fragile on the envelope.
Materials: Pringles, large mailing envelope and list what you used to package your Pringle.

Due September 28

9/14-LA IXL E1 and E2 to 85% and spelling week 4 are due Wednesday, 9/21.

9/9 - FINAL DRAFT of mapping assignment #3 is due on Monday!

9/9 IXL fifth grade math each one to 85% C11, C13, A11 https://www.ixl.com/signin/stem due 9/16

9/7 LA IXL D1 and D2 to 85% and spelling week 3 are due Wednesday, 9/14.

9/2 Math IXL fifth grade each one to 85%: A1, E1, E3 due on September 9

8/31 - Language Arts C1 & C2 and spelling week 2 is due next Wednesday, 9/7. 

8/29 If you did not finish your shadow tracking conclusion it needs to be in by Wednesday 8/31.  (What did you learn about shadows?, compare your hypothesis to the actual data, How do you create a shadow?, How and why do shadows change during the day? )

8/26 Language Arts B1 to 85% or higher and Spelling week 1 due Wednesday 8/31  (Spelling list for the year can be found Mr. H's 5th grade homepage. http://stem.adams12.org/classrooms/193    )

8/26 IXL fifth grade math: EE7, EE9, EE11 to 85% or higher, all due on September 2nd


8/24 Construct your index card bridge.  It must be in my room by 8/31.

Build a 2 or 4 lane scale model bridge (one - two index cards width/span) Your bridge should be able to support 5lbs of compression and a toycar should be able to pass underneath and over it. You may only use 20 index cards and one roll of scotch tape.

8/18  Home links (HL) 1.2  try to submit it on google classroom.  Do not panic if you can't figure out how to submit it.  I want to see how much I need to teach about google classroom.

All assignments will be posted here.