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Read-a-thon Fundraiser Results

Dear Families and Staff,

Student Leadership would like to send you a heartfelt thank you for all that you did to help our first Read a Thon!  We should be proud of what we accomplished during this 2 week timeframe!  We will be giving funds to the library to help fund the 5th Grade PBL on getting more books in our library that are culturally responsive books, and BAME (black, Asian, minority, ethnic) books. We want to thank our community!!!  Your generosity exceeded our expectations and we will be able to give double the amount now!  Another portion will be for a student leadership gift for the school.  Here are some highlights:

Minutes Read Schoolwide: 69,735 minutes

Top Readers:

  1. Milan M. 1,140
  2. Oscar C. 1030
  3. Eve M. 1020
  4. Ford J. 879
  5. Peter M. 789 

Top Classes:

  1. Casey: 7,206
  2. Tennant: 5721
  3. Anderson: 5729
  4. Helfrich: 5,627
  5. Crump: 5034 

Donations Schoolwide:$12.532.00

Top Donations:

  1. Valouria S. $700.00
  2. Zachary B. $485.00
  3. Owen C. $435.00
  4. Kai E. $425.00 
  5. Peter M. $375.00

Top Classes:

  1. Casey: $2.085.00
  2. Tennant: $1900.00
  3. Henderson: $1880.00
  4. Brownell: $1730.00Bradford: $1195.00

Sincerely Thankful, 

Student Leadership Team and Sponsors