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Bring Your Own Device

As the holidays approach there are many things that we at STEM Lab are thankful for. Our students and teachers have reached full stride and great things are happening throughout the building. We have incorporated 8 new drones into our technology repertoire. We also have supported Adams 12 STEM in a number of districtwide tours and have completed a number of PBL’s in which our students continue dazzle the experts to whom they present. 

With the highly anticipated expansion next year, we have reached out to several groups about the potential of moving our Middle School to a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) for the next school year and moving forward. The feedback from the PTO, Coffee with the Principal and staff was very supportive. Several schools within our district have already made this transition and are having great success with it. In addition, it will allow us to continue to maintain a 1:1 ratio of students to devices for our entire K-5.

STEM Lab considered and discussed many different ideas for Bring Your Own Device. These discussions included student learning and access to information, current teacher use of devices, and parent support. After much consideration the decision has been made to implement BYOD for students in grades 6-8 for the 2019-2020 school year. Students in grades K-5 will continue to have 1:1 access to devices within each classroom. We want to provide families with as much notice as possible so all can plan accordingly for purchasing a device for their 6-8th grade student.  

The decision to implement BYOD at grades 6-8 only was based on the following rationale: 

  • Middle school students are more familiar with transporting expensive technology including but not limited to a cell phone.
  • Middle school students tend to access the internet and google drive/classroom in all content areas throughout their school day.
  • Middle school students tend to have a greater need to access a computer device to complete assignments from home. 

We highly recommend purchasing chromebook-like devices with a minimum of 4GB RAM over laptops. The Samsung chromebook is the device the school district uses and students have the most familiarity with navigating. The Samsung Chromebook has proven to be  superior due to its durable construction against wear and tear, battery life, ease of use, size, weight, speed and Chrome browser interface. We know families will have their own preferences so we want to also provide a resource of other recommended devices that are similar to the Samsung chromebook, please see attachements for additional information. 

Contact Mr. Shields with any questions. 

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