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Mrs. Jackson's Technology Class


I hope everyone is doing well,  I miss all of you. I have some fun activities planned for you while you are at home. I love technology and engineering but please remember to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  If you cannot quite figure something out don't worry just do your best. 

Office Hours:  M-W from 9-11  and Th-F  from 1-2.  You can email me anytime and I will get back to you  soon. 


Students have about a week to complete an activitiy. However if they fall behind just do the best you can. Work will be accepted late. Most work is turned into google classrooms. You can also e-mail work to me.

Activity 7: Coding with Blockly Games

Activity 6: Coding Unplugged

Actvity 5: Make-up week and Typing Club grades 2-5

Acrivity 4: Tinkercad  grades 2-5

Activity 3 for all grades Privacy Online

Second Remote Learning Activity: What can you Build?  3rd and 5th this is not required since you don't have tech this semester. However I thought some of you might have fun doing this activity.

2nd & 3rd 

4th & 5th

For your first remote learning activity we will continue practicing a skill with which you are familiar. 

2nd grade activity 1

4th grade activity 1