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Mr. Stafford's Class

Physical Education

Welcome to Mr. Stafford's 2021-2022 Physical Education class.


7th Grade syllabus


Grading Questions?

Please review all of the following information before calling or emailing Mr. Stafford.

The purpose for assessment in PE is to inform students (and parents) their growth towards the Click the link to access the standards.  Standards can be sorted by grade level.  Pay particular attention to the evidence outcomes portion of each table as they are specific examples of how students can demonstrate their learning.  

Grading: As a district Adams 12 utilizes standards based grading. For detailed information about standards based grading in Adams 12 visit: Important aspects of standards based grading Standards are assessed on a four point scale (4:  Advanced Understanding of Standard; 3: Meets Standard; 2: Approaching the Standard; 1: Does not meet the Standard) ONLY assessments are used in calculating a grade. Practice is not used to calculate grades but feedback will be given to help students achieve standard. Grades are not averaged to compute an overall grade; rather, the most recent (trend) data is used to assign an overall grade.  Zeros (missing assignments) are not included in assigning and overall grade.  Students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge of a standard.   Physical Education Grade Reporting Criteria: Your student will be assigned FOUR grades, one in each of following areas:

  • Movement Competence & Understanding in Physical Education- ex. locomotor movements, sport specific skills, game strategies, spatial awarness...
  • Physical andPersonal Wellness in Physical Education- ex. health related concepts- sleep, heart rate, activity level and intensity, hand washing, hygene.
  • Emotional and Social Wellness in Physical Education- ex. sportsmanship, character, mental health/conflict resolution strategies...
  • Prevention and Risk Management in Physical Education- ex. safety, behavior, rule following...

***NOTE**** a "/" symbol may be used in the following circumstances and does not count negatively towards the student:

1. The particular standard is not assessed at that grade level.

2. In order to achieve "Trend Data" multiple assessments must be used.  At this time the assessments do not accurately (or fairly) show the student's level of knowledge.

3. There has not been enough "contact" time to assess the particular standard.

Assessment is used to guide instruction and inform students (and parents) of a student's progress

Elementary Physical Education: Report cards are sent home at the end of each semester.  The first semester is the halfway point in the school year and we are reporting a student's work to this point.  A student who has a score of "2" at this time, should be considered "on track" and the score is not a concern unless I have contacted parents. The concepts and motor skills we are learning require multiple learning attempts to master and demonstrate throughout the school year. In addition, motor skills are varied in many different ways and only over the entire course of the year can a student be offered enough attempts to demonstrate them to proficiency.   An example: Throwing a baseball, football and flying disc(frisbee) are all very different skills.  -or-  A very skilled gymnast or cheerleader may score low (at this time) because the content being taught is not their strength (kicking or soccer passing.)  When given the opportunity to demonstrate their skill during a tumbling or jump rope unit they may score much differently. The entire year of assessments are used to develop a student's final grade allowing each student's strengths to show.

Middle School Physical Education:  Grades will be posted every 4-6 weeks via Infinite Campus. Final grades are posted every trimester.