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4th Grade Learning Buddies

Dear Parents,
  Just a friendly reminder that the Kindergarteners will be meeting up with our 4th Grade Learning Buddies this Friday.

For our first get together, Friday, March 13th, we would like the Kindergarteners and Fourth Graders to get to know each other.  In order to do this please have your child bring in three small items that represents themselves labeled with their name.  Please be sure these items are small enough to fit inside of a gallon size bag. (Feel free to take pictures to place inside the baggie if needed.)  Some examples might be a soccer ball, violin, book, family picture, vacation spots, etc.  Your child should be prepared to be able to explain these items to their learning buddy.
  Please have your child bring in their baggie by Friday, March 13th!
  Thank you for all of your support,