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Logistics: Nuts/Bolts/Tutorials

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Students will enter through the east door on Wyco as early as 8:00 am and must be in the classroom by 8:10 am. Students and teachers will exit through the east doors by the playground off Wyco. Teachers will accompany and stay with students for 10 after the bell, then we take your child up to office to wait for you. Please make contact with the teacher for your child to be dismissed.


1.    It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school attendance line, 720-972-3340 any time a student is absent from school.   Please do so by 8:00 a.m.  This policy is necessary to account for and ensure the safety and well-being of each student.

2.    Parents may excuse up to 5 absences per semester. Any additional absences will require a doctor’s note or court documentation to be considered excused. At 5 absences, an attendance letter will be sent home signed by the teacher. At 10 absences, an attendance meeting will be scheduled and a contract will be put into place. Any additional absences will result in a District referral.

3.    Parents of students who have previously been cited for excessive absenteeism will receive a second written notification and will be encouraged to meet with the building administrative team.

4.    The school will follow the same procedures for children who exhibit a pattern of absenteeism (ex., every Friday or excessive tardies).

5.    We strongly encourage you to schedule vacations in conjunction with the school calendar.  Please be advised that school absences accrued during your vacation time still impact your child’s attendance record.

6.    When all other measures fail, students may be referred to the district attendance/truancy, or other appropriate agencies.

Class Snacks

We will have a class snack each day.  We would appreciate snack donations throughout the school year.


Each student will be responsible for the contract signed through the school.  It will be reinforced through the following categories:

Individual – students will have the opportunity to earn points for behavior through Class DoJo.  You will have your own log in to view your child's behavior.

Class – as a cohesive group of learners, students will have the opportunity to earn a class reward.  Once they have reached their goal, students will discuss as a team and vote on an appropriate reward.  We will notify you when this occurs.

Students choosing not to abide by the school contract and classroom rules (to be determined by the students) will be given a warning, then given a break from class or group work, and lastly a call home.  


Due to different belief systems and the increased number of students with food allergies we highly encourage classroom celebrations to be group centered! See Birthday Menu for options.

Scholastic Book Orders

Please enter teacher classroom codes:

Ms. Rooney- L4FLD

Mrs. Tennant -LTN9C

Homework Policies

Spelling: Each spelling test will have 10 district mandated words as well as 10 extension bonus words.  Students will be required to complete the first 10 words and will be given the opportunity to practice extension words related to our content. We will take our spelling tests Fridays on the Chromebooks or in the technology lab using a Google Forms that reads the words and sentences using the word. Spelling words will be listed on the calendar.  Please click on assignment to see the details.  Spelling words will be posted every Friday. You can view grades in Google Classroom.

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