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Learning Update

Hello STEM Families!

Your third graders have been quite busy these last two weeks! Last week, we kicked off our Monday by speaking to a systems engineer.  The students had lots of questions about his job and what it's like to create medical instruments.  Last Thursday, our third graders were part of a live webinar with Dr. Karen Kosiba, meteorologist and storm chaser! Dr. Kosiba is part of the Center for Severe Weather Research in Boulder.  On Friday, we took a field trip to MWH Global Engineering in Boulder.  MWH Global specializes in water and wastewater treatment, environmental engineering, sustainable construction, and more.  When we arrived, their president told us about a $5 billion dollar job they are leading for the Panama Canal! The students engaged in a water cycle game, learned about the amount of water it takes to produce common foods and products, and were videotaped in an official "green screen" studio as newscasters and engineers! You will receive these videos soon. 

On Tuesday of this week, your third graders were led on a flooding hike through Chautauqua park by a Boulder naturalist or guide.  This hike was amazing! We learned so much about the weather factors that caused the flood, and we truly saw geology in action! Check out photos in our gallery.  

Today we had a visit from CBS meteorologist Dave Aguilera! Mr. Aguilera taught the third graders all about severe weather, what it's like to be a meteorologist, and how to be smart about weather in Colorado.

These last two weeks, your child also engaged in research and the writing process to create their "Someday" career vision.  

This is just a peek into our learning.  Our classes our also teaming up to learn persuasive writing techniques with Lucy Calkins' research, adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, switching around for Challenge Math, and much more! STEM is a fantastic place for growing our brains and expanding our horizons.  See you next week for conferences!

More information about "Someday" here:


One of our first projects of the year will be called, "Someday: Our Hopes and Goals for the Future."  The project will be kicked off by reading the book, Someday, by Eileen Spinelli.  This book reveals kids reflecting on what they hope to pursue for their future career, and then discussing what they can do in the present to meet their goals. Although the "ideal job" for third graders will probably change many times in their lives, it's important for students to reflect on the bigger picture.  This project will offer students the opportunity to think about what they enjoy, what they believe are their strengths, and what they may want to pursue in life.  I think it's important to remind students whythey are in school.  To learn, of course, but also to develop independence and agency, to explore interests, to build skills that support lifelong learning, and to eventually apply these skills to a career that will help them become productive citizens of our global society.    Websites for Exploring Careers:   PBS Kids-Watch Videos of Real Scientists   Career Aisle-videos for kids about different jobs   Safe Search Engine   What do you like? U.S. Bureau of Labor for Kids!   Kids.Gov--An awesome sites for many  different careers   Engineering Girl
  Careers in Space   Scientists in Action--Careers in Natural Science
  EEK! Get a Job! Environmental Careers   Is Your Dream Science Career in Demand??