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At STEM Lab we strive for students to think about and take care of the world around them.  We also value them making healthy lifestyle choices.  Simple steps can help children continue making healthier choices as adults.

In addition to healthier lunch choices and increased physical activity during our school day, STEM Lab is also beginning 2016 with a healthier birthday initiative!  Instead of birthday snacks like donuts, cupcakes or cookies, we are offering students an opportunity to choose an item from this menu as their special birthday treat.

The birthday student may choose to be recognized by one choice from this menu.

It is your choice to participate in recognizing your child’s birthday at school or not.  If you do then we want to honor each student in a special, HEALTHY way! 

Please use the attached Birthday Celebration PDF for guidelines to communicate with your child's teacher if you are interested in celebrating their birthday at school.

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PDF icon Birthday Celebration.pdf63.26 KB11/08/2018