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Ms. Smith's Music Class


"Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand." -Carl Orff

Welcome to my online classroom. In the music classroom students are involved in music through the Orff Schulwerk process. Students will sing, play, move and create. To learn more about Orff Schulwerk visit the AOSA wesite at Students also learn piano in all grades with our wonderful piano lab and with the help from our friends at A Child's Song. Middle school students get the opportunity to learn guitar, piano and percussion with their individual practice plans.

Middle School Jam Band: Mondays 3:20-4:15 Starting January 28th

In Jam Band we will break into small groups, learn the music you want to learn and jam with friends on an instrument you have been learning.Meetings are held January-April on Mondays 3:20-4:15 in D102. For grade levels 6th-8th. To sign up click here.

World Music Ensemble: Tuesdays 3:20-4:15 Starting January 22nd

In World Music Ensemble you will learn African drumming, xylophones, dancing and singing to explore music from around the world. Come join this special ensemble and experience music from around the world in depth. Meetings are January-April on Tuesdays from 3:20-4:15 in D102. For grades 4th-8th. To sign up click here.

Links to music games:

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra learn all the instruments in the orchestra in this fun instrument safari. Click here

Recorder Karate practice for recorder karate with these helpful practice tracks. Click Here Username: Karate Password: Rubric

Whack-A-Note practice reading notes on the staff. Click here to play.

Other Music Games Click here.

Staff Wars is a note reading game click here to play. You can play for free on your computer or download the app to your phone or tablet.

Recorder Express has games to help you play recorder using the microphone on your computer. Work on new notes and rhythms by clicking here.

Recorder Master is another set of games to help you practice recorder. Click here to play now.