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Ms. Brownell's class

Language Arts

Welcome to 6th-Grade Language Arts!

In 6th-grade language arts, students will learn to develop critical and analytical thinking skills through reading, writing, and discussion. Students will examine a variety of texts, craft multiple pieces of writing, share ideas in collaborative discussions, and refine their literacy skills. I’m very passionate about helping students develop or deepen a love of reading, so we will also have time for independent reading. 

Supplies needed: 

  • Chromebook

  • Composition notebook

  • Pencils/pens

  • Book for independent reading (digital or print)

  • A quiet place for reading & writing. 

Remote Learning Expectations:

In order to maintain a positive learning environment, all middle school students are expected to follow these guidelines during remote learning:

  • Students should log on to classes using their real names

  • Follow teacher expectations/norms for participation (camera on at certain points, responding to chats, etc.)

  • You need to be “school” appropriate when on your screen. This includes your behavior, clothing, and visible backgrounds. 

  • Follow school technology policy during synchronous classes (phones/devices hidden unless teacher permission, focus on class during synchronous lessons, etc.)

Remote Learning Class Time: 

  • Synchronous: Students will be participating in a synchronous approach to remote learning. This means that students will all be in “class” together and participating at the same time. This is different from what took place last spring. 

  • M/T/Th/F: During language arts class, students can expect direct instruction, time to collaborate with peers, and time to work independently. Some or all of these things will happen every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

  • Wednesdays: Every week on Wednesdays, things will be a bit different. Students will work independently (asynchronous) on classwork or other assigned activities. Sometimes, students may participate in a small group lesson for re-teaching or extension based on assessment data collected during the previous lessons. 


Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class period. Students need to be signed into class on-time every day. Remember, this is synchronous learning which follows the regular bell schedule. 

Office Hours: Wednesdays by appointment from 8:10 am - 10:10 am