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High Frequency Words

High frequency words are those words that appear over and over again in early reading materials.  It's important for students to read them automatically and accurately because in many cases, they are spelled in ways that don't match regular spelling patterns.

The attached chart has all of the first grade high frequency words.  Each column represents one quarter of the school year.  We have been introducing a few each week in school and began checking recognition of the first 35 words at the end of the first quarter.  By midyear, students were expected to know at least 60 of the 70 words in Lists 1 and 2. 

We are now in the final quarter of the year.  As part of remote learning, we are encouraging students to begin by reviewing List 3 and work toward learning the new high frequency words in List 4.  We will post a list of 10 words for each week of remote learning.  

For many students, simply introducing words by discussing tricky features and then daily reading practice with them will be enough to learn them.  If you find that particular words are difficult for your child to remember, you may refer to the suggested routine for studying high frequency words also posted here.