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Mystery Guest Reader

Dear Mystery Guest Reader,

If you have signed up to be a Mystery Guest Reader, please do the following:

1. Choose a book from your library at home or you may show up a little early and browse STEM's library.

2. Remember to bring the book with you on Wednesday.

3.Come up with 5 clues about yourself that the student would know. Number these clues 1-5. 1-being a hard, generic clue; 5-being an obvious clue. Your child's teacher will read these clues to the students prior to going upstairs for our library time. For example: 1- I am a woman, 2- I have 2 kids, 3- I have taken my kids to Michigan, 4- I like to play indoor soccer, 5- One of my son's name is Braylon.

4. Email the clues to your child's teacher by the Monday of the week you are coming to read.

5. Shhhhhhhh, please do not tell your child you are coming. This is a surprise!

Thank you for all of your support,

The Kindergarten Team