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Remote Learning

Welcome to the 8th Grade Remote Learning Page

8th Grade Remote Learning Tips:

1. Please be sure that your child has set their password using the directions provided Friday, August 21st via IC Messenger or the link on the contact paper from back to school night. This is not an option - the district has reset their passwords! It is important that they do this before Tuesday (recommended) so that they are not having issues on Thursday morning. Here is the link again:

2. Be sure that the Zoom app is loaded onto your child's Chromebook. Be sure that they can sign in to the Zoom app using their Adams 12 username and password. If students are asked to type in a name, they should use their name and not an avatar/handle that we would not recognize. For example, if their name is "Sam Smith", they can use "Sam S." or "Sammy S", but we would not recognize "Darth Vader".  Here is the link to download Zoom on a Chromebook.

 3. How does my child attend class? When signing on to their Chromebook using their Adams 12 username and password, students will see a Schoology logo. They can click on that Schoology logo and they will find their classes. They will click on the appropriate class when it is time for that class. Students should look for directions from the teacher in the class. Typically, they will use a link to a video call (Zoom or Meet). 

 4. Sometimes there is some confusion with sign in screens. Students will use their Adams 12 student ID # when signing in on a screen which shows the Adams 12 logo. If they are on a "Google Screen" they need to use their Adams 12 email. This is likely to happen when they install the Zoom app and they are asked to sign in for the first time. This link will explain more: