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First Grade Spelling Instruction

Patterns in words are the focus of First Grade spelling instruction.  These patterns will help your child read and spell many words with the same pattern. 

Each week, we study words with a specific pattern.   You may hear your child talking about the pattern (ex. CVC or consonant-vowel-consonant) or the word family (group of words related to each other because they have the same pattern).  At least six of the words we assign each week are a sampling of those with the focus pattern; others may be non-examples or words first graders need to write automatically. 

We will post words for each week.  For many students, introducing the words and doing a few of the activities listed below will be enough to learn and remember the words. 

Helping Your Child with Word Learning

1.    Study the basic words. 

·      Highlight the patterns. 

·      Practice the words in left to right sequence. 

·      Encourage your child to visualize the word before spelling it.

2.    Make new words. 

·      From a word on the basic list, have your child practice replacing the first letter with a different beginning sound to make a new word. 

·      Use the word in a sentence. 

·      Summarize by saying, “If you know (original word), it helps you know (new word).”  (Ex. If you know can, it helps you know plan.)

3.    Look for the focus pattern while reading.  Discuss how knowing the pattern helps the reader solve the word quickly.

4.    When writing, use previously studied patterns to write new words, even when it may be just part of a new word (-an in can or candle).

The ultimate goal of spelling instruction is that students apply the patterns they are learning in their independent reading and writing.  We’re excited to have you join us as partners in your child’s learning!

Spelling Words - Week 7