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Writing Homework Journal

Find each week's writing assignment below. Assignments will stay posted for about a month and will then be taken down. Thank you and happy writing! 

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon HWJ #17 2-25-19.pdf42.72 KB02/22/2019
PDF icon HWJ #18 3-4-19.pdf39.59 KB03/01/2019
PDF icon HWJ #19 3-11-19.pdf47.57 KB03/08/2019
PDF icon HWJ #20 3-18-19.pdf32.11 KB03/15/2019
PDF icon HWJ #21 4-2-19.pdf31.94 KB03/22/2019
PDF icon Hand Opinion.pdf95.67 KB11/09/2018
PDF icon I can do anything poem.pdf3.96 MB03/01/2019
PDF icon MY LEGS AND I.pdf37.48 KB03/01/2019
PDF icon March Boy Kite.pdf20.34 KB03/01/2019
PDF icon Reading Response Rubric 18-19.pdf28.77 KB02/22/2019