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Pick Up & Drop Off Reminders

We are very grateful for the delayed start this morning, allowing all of our families to arrive at school safely! Just a few reminders about drop off and pick up times below.

As noted in our parent handbook and communicated to families:

Parents are encouraged to have students arrive no earlier than 7:55 am for the safety of the students. The school does not provide supervision prior to 7:55 am. Office personnel are not available to supervise children before and after school. Please have a back-up plan worked out ahead of time if you are unable to deliver or pick-up children on time. Note: The hug & go lane is NOT for parking/idling; if you need to help child in/out of the car or watch your child enter the building, please park in designated area and use the crosswalk.

In the event of a delay start, like today, this time would be 2 hours later, 9:55. Again, we do not have staff to supervise students dropped off any earlier.