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Elementary Assessment Day

Elementary Assessment Day is Tuesday, Sept. 3 for all K-5 students.  Middle school will have a regular full day of classes.

Families are to drop off and pick up students from the same locations they typically do on regular school days.   All K-5 staff will greet students and pick up students from that location.  BASE will walk students from BASE to the classrooms for assessments. 

Assessments are based on last name, if students are not there by the time assessments are supposed to start (8:10, 10:15 or 1:30) parents will need bring them through the main office.  If parents are not there by the time the assessment ends to pick up their children, teachers will bring them to the office.  

The Elementary Assessment Day schedule is as follows. Students will stay during their entire scheduled time.  

Last Name A-G - 8:10-9:55

Last Name H-O - 10:15-12:00

Last Name P-Z - 1:30-3:15