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Halloween Costumes - Oct. 31st - UPDATE!

STEM lab has decided to allow all students (K-8) to wear Halloween costumes this year on October 31st. Any special classroom activities will be communicated through the teachers. Please remember costumes must follow the guidelines and be school appropriate!   

Adams 12 Five Star Schools encourages the opportunity for students and families to engage in a celebration that is respectful to all cultures, religions, races, and beliefs.  In our continued efforts to maintain a respectful, safe and secure learning environment, the following guidelines for Halloween celebrations have been developed. These guidelines apply to students, staff, and participants of all Halloween celebrations both during and after the school day.

Halloween Guidelines

  1. Costumes that would otherwise violate the Student Dress Code (Superintendent Policy 5060) will only be allowed if approved by an administrator prior to wearing to school.  For safety reasons, masks or makeup should not cover the student’s face in a manner that makes the student unrecognizable. Masks or makeup that conceal student’s identity may be worn only during designated times such as during a costume contest.  

  2. The following are considered not appropriate for school or school events:

  3. Costumes that are overly graphic, promote violence or otherwise might logically be assumed to be offensive to others 

  4. Costumes that are sexually suggestive and would otherwise violate the school’s dress code

  5. Costumes with sound effects, lights or other components which would disrupt the classroom learning environment

  6. Costumes that could be considered insensitive to various races, cultures, and religions

  7. Toy or facsimile weapons of any kind (guns, knives, swords, bats, etc.) are not allowed

  8. Costumes or dress of any kind that may be potentially disruptive to the educational or school environment


In alignment with Superintendent Policy 5060, school administrators may ask students or participants to change into school appropriate attire and/or remove masks, makeup, or costumes.


Halloween Guidelines Addendum (RE:  Clown Costumes)

As you may recall, in 2016 the Five Star District prohibited students and staff from wearing clown costumes on school grounds due to social media threats nationwide. Although we have not been made aware of any similar threats this year, district leadership made the decision to leave this prohibition in the 2019 Halloween guidelines, acknowledging the release of the movie, IT, and in anticipation of a social media response.  As always, the safety and security of students and staff is our first priority, therefore students and staff are prohibited from wearing clown masks or costumes on school grounds. This adjustment was made in the best interest of the school community and creates a safe environment for students and staff at Halloween celebrations this year. 

Keep in mind,  district and school leadership will reevaluate the guidelines each year and make adjustments as needed to ensure a safe celebration for the entire school community. Students who violate or are suspected to be in violation of this policy will be referred to school administration.