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STEM Lab solar panels offset 387 metric tons of CO2 per year

STEM Lab solar panels

The solar array at STEM Lab is complete and operational! At a Carbon Cutting ceremony last week, the district Energy and Sustainability Manager Shannon Oliver "flipped the switch" so everyone could see the production come on live. Watch the video.

The solar array size is 365 kW and STEM Lab is our most efficient building in the district.

The solar electricity produced by this array will offset 95% of the electricity the building uses in an average year.

The solar electricity produced by this array will offset 387 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from the building's electricity use on an average year.

The solar array will pay for itself in roughly 13 years and then all economic benefits will go to the district.

 The solar array project at STEM Lab is one piece of a larger Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) project that is more than 3 years in the making. By improving our energy and water efficiency, the district will reduce the cost of our utility bills and we can use those savings to pay for the efficiency upgrades. 

In addition to the financial benefits to the district, the solar array will reduce our environmental footprint and provide ongoing opportunities for our students to learn about energy use and renewable energy. 

This renewable energy project will result in 387 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent being offset from the electricity use of the building. That is equivalent to taking more than 83 passenger vehicles off the road each year or growing nearly 6,400 trees for 10 years!

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