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Our Principal

STEM Lab is a kindergarten through eighth-grade school that fundamentally believes all students deserve to have access and opportunity to STEM education and demonstrate their learning in varied, challenging ways every day in every class.
  STEM uses science, technology, engineering, and math to bring relevance to student work and make connects to society and the global world that we live in. We also have a fully integrated arts curriculum that is designed to be responsive and intentional to student needs and support our instructional model. We believe students learn best in collaborative, cooperative groups that tackle authentic, relevant problems that span content areas in a transdisciplinary, problem-solving approach. STEM students apply and transfer their knowledge to a range of problems and projects. Our students experience that failure and tenacity are part of the innovation process. They are well prepared and ready for the next step in their learning, regardless of what that may look like in their future.
  Our classrooms are student-centered environments rich in questioning and inquiry that promote innovation for all learners. Our teachers often take on roles as facilitators that foster learning. It is not uncommon to see kindergarten students collecting data around the school, or learning about being an entrepreneur and making items to sell at our sustainability fair. You may also see fifth grade students engineering ways to clean an oil spill and receiving instruction on how to deliver a press conference to the public. On any given day, students can be seen learning from one of our many valued partners, whether they are consulting with experts in the field through email, in person or via live videoconference with a scientist from NASA.
  Learning at STEM Lab is always dynamic, engaging and authentic.
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Staff - Principal

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What an amazing opportunity to work with our brilliant STEM students, families, and staff. As part of the visionary team, I am honored to serve as Principal and to be a part of this rapidly growing community.