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Students raise trout to learn more about Colorado Water

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Students raise trout to learn more about Colorado Water

4th graders at STEM Lab are teaming up with Colorado Trout Unlimited and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to tackle the complexity that is Colorado Water. 4th graders are wondering "How can we help protect Colorado’s watersheds, ensuring there’s enough water for people, agriculture, Tribal communities, and recreation, while also making sure our rivers stay healthy for fish and wildlife, especially the endangered ones, when the climate is changing, and more people are moving in?" To explore this complex problem, they are raising Rainbow Trout from eggs to fingerlings in their classrooms. With a generous contribution from their Parent Teacher Organization, 4th graders are vivacious trout investigators. Trout in the Classroom allows students to become a new generation of advocates for salmonids and the watersheds in which they live. In the spring, students will release the trout back into our Colorado waters as a solution to help restore our watersheds and ensure a healthy ecosystem.

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: 21st Century Learners. Sharing stories of students who collaborate, think critically, problem-solve and are digitally literate to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

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