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Welcome Back To School!

STEM Lab Families and Community,

Please join me in celebrating the start of the school year!  STEM Lab staff is working feverishly to prepare for the best year yet at STEM Lab!  We are committed to creating a positive and caring community where all students feel safe, happy, respected and challenged. On the heels of an unforgettable few years, we are devoted to know our STEMsters by name, strength and need as we provide the very best education to our students. We will continue to focus on the whole child this year, including his/her social, emotional, and academic well-being.  With families as our partners, we will help every child grow to their full potential. 

Attached you will find our school calendar and the pick up/drop off map, which contains information about traffic flow and students’ assigned grade level entrances/exits.  Please do NOT drop your student off prior to 7:50 a.m. as there is NO adult supervision outside until 7:50 a.m., regardless of weather conditions.  Parents that wish to walk their students to their assigned entrance should park on a side street and use the designated crosswalks instead of the hug and go lanes. Due to safety reasons, we ask that parents NOT walk their children to their classrooms inside of the building…we will have multiple staff stationed throughout the halls to help your child find their classroom.    

Student safety is our number one priority!  Please watch the speed limit, avoid  parking in front of our neighbors’ driveways and do not make u-turns on Phillips Drive, Wyco Drive or Irma Drive.  Take the time to explore the numerous streets around the school as you will find there are many that exit the school area. 

We have staggered grade level dismissal times by last name to help with afternoon traffic flow.  Our staggered dismissal will be organized as follows; K/1st will dismiss at 3:12 p.m., 2nd-4th will dismiss at 3:16 p.m., and 5th-8th will dismiss at 3:20 p.m. We need families to leave as quickly as possible since other grades will be dismissed and will need access to Wyco Drive, Irma Drive and Phillips Drive.  We encourage 6th-8th grade parents to use the middle school loop on the south side of the building as well as open spots along Phillips Drive and Wyco Drive.  If you have children that span multiple grade levels, please choose drop off and pick up areas that are most convenient for your family.  

Older siblings may assist with younger siblings when it comes to drop off and pick up. Older siblings are welcome to walk younger siblings to their classroom in the mornings or parents may pick up younger children first and then proceed with picking up/meeting older students at an agreed upon location. At the end of the day, a parent/guardian or older sibling must be present for our teachers to release our K-2 students.  

Please ensure that all children are picked up on time. 

Thank you for sharing your children with us, we are looking forward to starting this year strong and ending the year even stronger!


Tracy Tellinger


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Parking for Back to School Night:  Where may I park for Back to School Night?  There are limited parking spots available in the west side staff parking lot off of Irma Drive for Back to School Night only.  Once full, you may park on the surrounding streets.  Please be respectful of our neighbors- watch the speed limit, avoid parking in front of our neighbors’ driveways and do not make u-turns on Phillips Drive, Wyco Drive or Irma Drive.  

Medications and Forms:  May I drop off meds and forms for my student at Back to School Night?  Yes, the health aide’s office will be open so that you may drop off meds and forms, as well as ask any questions.

School Supplies:  May I drop off school supplies at Back to School Night?  Yes, teachers would be glad to collect school supplies at Back to School night.  Northglenn Community Outreach has graciously donated some backpacks/supplies for families in need. Please contact our counselor Dan Wiske at Information will be kept confidential.

Classroom Tours:  Will we be able to meet teacher(s) and tour classroom(s) at Back to School Night?  Yes, please enter through your child’s assigned grade level door and head to your child’s classroom(s) for Back to School Night.

Schedules:  Will middle school students be able to pick up printed copies of their schedule?  Yes, there will be a table in the gym where middle schoolers will pick up a copy of their schedules.

Lockers:  Will my middle school student be able to try his/her locker at Back to School Night?  Yes, the student’s printed schedule will have his/her locker number and combination.  You are welcome to help your child practice with their locker; however, teachers will give students time to practice on the first day of school and will be available throughout the day to help students.  Students are encouraged to watch this video to help with locker challenges: 

Cost of Breakfast/Lunch:  How much does breakfast/lunch cost?  Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase.  Parents are encouraged to still apply for free and reduced benefits HERE to help the school receive additional funds, get school fees (such as field trips) waived or reduced, and more. 

Breakfast Time:  May I drop my student off early so that he/she may eat breakfast?  No, please do not drop your child off until 7:50 a.m. as there is NO adult supervision until then.  Breakfast is a COLD “grab and go” meal, meaning that students will check in with their teacher, then pick up their breakfast at the cafeteria and eat it in their classroom.

Devices/Chromebooks:  Will my student receive a Chromebook from the school?  Each new student to Adams 12 Five Star School District and students in K-2  will receive an Adams 12 Chromebook and charger for the school year.  Students will receive these devices during the first few days of school. Returning students in grades 3-8 should have district issued Chromebooks and chargers that were sent home with them for the summer and must bring them back starting on the first day of school.  K-2 classrooms will have Chromebook carts, enabling teachers to store devices in the classroom.  Grades 3-8 will take their device home each day and return with a fully charged Chromebook each morning.

Devices/Chromebooks:  Will my student be able to bring his/her own device to school?  Students are highly encouraged to use their district-issued Chromebook for the following reasons:

  • The digital resources and curricular materials are designed to work with the district-provided Chromebooks, thus ensuring that students have equitable access to the tools, applications, and resources that best support learning.

  • There are safety and security systems in place to keep students and their data safe on district-managed devices.

  • Students are able to borrow, replace, or charge devices as needed to minimize disruptions to learning.

  • The student learning experience is consistent, allowing teachers to focus on instruction rather than troubleshooting a variety of device types. 

  • Students will have access to their district-managed Chromebook at home if they are completing any schoolwork that has a digital component.

  • The cost and complexity of administering state-mandated tests is reduced as district-managed devices will be test-ready and approved. 

If you still choose to have your child use their own personal device, please note the following:

  • Some tools may not be compatible with some personal devices.

  • Teachers/staff are not expected to troubleshoot problems on personal devices.

  • Students may find it challenging to manage/transport multiple devices and chargers.

  • The personal device will be confined to the guest network, therefore limiting access to some sites.

  • If the student is using their personal device at home for school work, district safety and security systems may not be available to protect the student. 

  • If the district-provided device breaks, is forgotten, or not charged, students can immediately receive a new one (hot swap), gain access to a compatible charger, etc. Personal devices will not be supported in this way.

  • It may be worth sharing that when students bring more expensive devices to school, this can cause equity issues and bullying behavior among peers.


STEM Lab School Calendar 2022-2023 

STEM Lab Traffic Plan 2022-2023 

STEM Lab Supply List 2022-2023


Tuesday, August 16- 1st day of school for ALL K-8 students

8:00 a.m.-1:50 p.m. (6th-8th)

8:10 a.m.-1:42 p.m. (K-1)

8:10 a.m.-1:46 p.m. (2nd-4th)

8:10 a.m.-1:50 p.m. (5th)

Wednesday, August 17- 2nd day of school for ALL K-8 students

8:00 a.m.-3:20 p.m. (6th-8th)

8:10 a.m.-3:12 p.m. (K-1)

8:10 a.m.-3:16 p.m. (2nd-4th)

8:10 a.m.-3:20 p.m. (5th)