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STEM Model

Why STEM education?

The STEM program is designed to prepare students for 21st Century careers. Students must be well grounded in skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Through the STEM model, students apply the principles of mathematics and science and use technology to accelerate ideas, all in a collaborative effort to imagine and create innovative solutions to real world problems. At STEM Lab, we believe students must be empowered to develop the skills that allow them to go beyond the status quo.

What is Problem Based Learning (PBL)?

Through Problem Based Learning (PBL), students engage in inquiry and collaboration to create solutions to authentic problems, such as a bridge collapse or increasing warning times for natural disasters. Each problem is examined through various lenses, including, but not limited to, science, technology, engineering and math in order to create solutions that benefit humanity. Industry partners serve as mentors, bringing relevance to students’ work and serving on panels to review students’ accomplishments.